Everyone knows the story, or so they think. Life is completely intentional and it depends on how one handles it that determines the success of it all. With a $15 webcam, a voice from God, and a candid rendition of Ciara's "Promise", Dondria walked right into her life's destiny and captured the audience of millions, including super producer Jermaine Dupri. A Myspace message from the So So Def chief himself changed the young Dallas native's life, forever.


A then 20 year old Dondria was offered and signed a one of a kind deal with So So Def in 2007 that initiated her music career. Under the mentor-ship and management of Dupri in August of 2010, as an independent artist her debut album "Dondria vs. Phatfffat" was released. The album contained 11 timeless tracks including her first Billboard charted single "You're The One", written and produced by Dupri and veteran songwriter/producer Bryan Michael Cox.


The aftermath of the release of her debut album provided Dondria with the opportunity to travel the world sharing her gift. For the last decade Dondria has been: singing to audience-packed arenas, appearing on nationally syndicated TV shows, performing in stage plays, and entertaining on social media with classic content like what they fell in love with over a decade ago. Dondria has never stopped working and putting in the time to perfect all of her crafts; singing, acting, and creating.


During one of the most unpredictable years any of us have imagined, Dondria decided to commemorate her 10 year album anniversary and bless fans with what they have been asking asking for, her NEXT body of work. The songstress reunited with the mic and created something truly magical. "The goal this time is to re-introduce my audience to who I've become. I've grown so much and finally have my own story to tell." The new EP, entitled "Perspective" is completed and scheduled to release Summer 2022. Three of the album's tracks are currently circulating: Take You There, Let It Be, and HIM but what Dondria offers on the entire project, will set the tone for next chapter of the career for this singer/songwriter.

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